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Coating and Repair is another service provided by Siam East Solutions. We offer a variety of surface coating services using different materials such as Loctite Polymer Composite, Epoxy, PU resin, FRP Vinylester, and PTFE. These coatings are designed to resist corrosion, abrasion, chemical exposure, and impact, enhancing the efficiency of various water pumps. Examples of coated items include pump bodies, tanks, pipes, heat exchangers, concrete-steel structures, and wastewater pits. Our services cover both on-site and off-site operations, providing comprehensive coating and repair solutions.

Coating and Repair Services:
– Loctite Fixmaster Composite Polymer: A metal-grade polymer blend resistant to corrosion, abrasion, etc.
– Loctite Nordbak Brushable Ceramic: Gray or white ceramic, highly heat-resistant and chemical-resistant, preventing corrosion and wear, etc.
– FRP Vinylester Resin, PU Resin, Elastomeric PU, Acrylic PU, Viton & PTFE coatings
– Waterproof roofing with Vinylester Resin, self-leveling Epoxy, dust protection, etc.
– Heavy-duty flooring with HPU + 100% Vinyl + Fiberglass matting

– Repairing metal and non-metal surfaces
– Coating for corrosion, abrasion, and erosion resistance
– High-impact and chemical-resistant coatings to prevent slipping
– Pump and impeller coatings to enhance fluid flow
– Coating and painting concrete and steel floors for buildings
– Protecting various types of factory equipment

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