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Letter from the Chairman.

2023 12 13 0003

In the year 2023, the overall economy and manufacturing industry showed promising trends, benefiting companies like “SiamEast” from the country’s full-fledged economic recovery. This was evidenced by the company’s first-half performance reaching a new high compared to the previous year. Additionally, “SiamEast” continued to prioritize sustainable business operations across various dimensions.

The company remained steadfast in driving positive change and sustainable business growth through the delivery of Solutions Excellence, benefiting all stakeholders in the value chain, including partners, business associates, and customers. This was achieved by operating under the principles of ESG across all three dimensions:

Environmental Dimension (E): Emphasizing the selection of environmentally friendly products and services, such as installing solar cells and wastewater treatment systems.

Social Dimension (S):Providing continuous education on new innovations to customers and enhancing data storage capabilities while ensuring the security of personal data.

Governance Dimension (G): Focusing on delivering solutions that comply with laws and international standards, along with combating corruption and collusion.

“SiamEast” recognized the boundless opportunities for limitless growth, building upon its experience, knowledge, and expertise accumulated over more than 30 years in selecting industrial products and services. This encompassed the entire manufacturing process, from upstream to downstream, within the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) as part of the government’s long-term national development plan. It became a crucial strategic point for the industrial sector in the ASEAN region, instilling confidence in investment and the demand for various materials and equipment for factory construction and efficiency upgrades.

On behalf of the company’s board of directors, I extend my gratitude to the management team and all employees for their dedication and hard work, which contributed to the company’s success in 2023. I also thank the shareholders, stakeholders, and supporters for their unwavering trust and continuous support. Rest assured, “SiamEast” will continue to conduct business for sustainable and enduring growth, for the utmost benefit of all stakeholders in the future.

Dr.Thanachart Numnonda

chairman of the board