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Machinery and Equipment

Machinery and Equipment

Grundfos’s comprehensive high-performance pump system for steam boiler systems provides high precision and stability for various industrial processes. It includes:

– Machining
– Turning
– Milling
– Grinding
– Sawing
– Electric wire cutting
– Flame cutting

The pumps are adaptable to various formats and can be adjusted to meet specific requirements. Grundfos’s multi-blade pumps come in various sizes, pressure ranges, and flow rates suitable for different materials. They are suitable for both vertical and horizontal installations. Additionally, the pumps can be equipped with frequency converters or E-solution systems, advanced technologies to enhance system efficiency and find optimal working points, including reducing the input temperature of lubricating fluids.

For pumps specially designed for machining and milling, Grundfos’s high-pressure pump product line includes models capable of handling pressures up to 120 bars, ideal for deep hole drilling. All pump models are intended for use with machine tools and are available in versions made of stainless steel or cast iron. If adjustments are necessary, the pumps can be used with special seals along with motors with HAN10E plugs or with 50/60 Hz power pack motors, meeting pressure requirements at all levels.

– All water pumps for industrial machinery come with high-efficiency EFF1 motors.



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