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Tsurumi is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of submersible wastewater pumps from Japan. They produce submersible pumps with a simple yet high-quality design, resulting in a longer lifespan for the motor and mechanical seals compared to other brands. These pumps are popular in various applications such as construction, wastewater treatment, flood control, civil engineering, mining, etc. Additionally, they manufacture other equipment such as ejectors, aerators, blowers, scum skimmers, and bar screens.

Tsurumi pumps are designed with several advantages, such as sealing the cable entry to the motor, which is often a weak point that can cause pump failure. The patented oil lifter design significantly extends the lifespan of the seals. The double-type seals are made of durable silicon carbide, and the motor is protected by thermal and leakage sensors. Installation options include both free-standing and guide rail-mounted setups, making them suitable for various applications and maintenance needs.

Tsurumi’s products come in several models based on the application, such as general-purpose, heavy-duty, vortex impellers for liquids with large solids, cutter impellers for cutting, high-head models, stainless steel or titanium models for corrosive liquids, and explosion-proof motors.

The Tsurumi Group focuses on submersible pumps as their main product, engaging in manufacturing, procurement, sales, and global capabilities. Their creativity and capability have been proven worldwide through the export and rental of pumps and related equipment, as well as associated businesses like repairs, after-sales services, installation, civil engineering, electrical work, plumbing, cleaning, construction work, and asset leasing. Tsurumi has achieved notable success in various fields such as construction, civil engineering, mining, wastewater, wastewater treatment, flood control, facilities designed for people to interact with water, creativity, and household wastewater.

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Liquid Ring Pumps

Tsurumi’s liquid ring pumps are environmentally friendly and clean, as they do not use hydraulic oil. They are suitable for suction, ejection, and compression of steam, organic solvents, and flammable gases.

We aim to create a sustainable society by participating in various industries worldwide, such as the electrical industry, renewable energy, chemical/petrochemical, food, paper/pulp manufacturing, and the electrical/electronic/semiconductor industries.

TSURUMI Liquid Ring Pumps

Operaintg Principle of Liquid Ring Pump

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1. Rotation

As the impeller rotates, the sealing liquid flows in a circular pattern along the interior of the casing under centrifugal force, creating a “liquid ring.” Because the impeller is offset, the voids formed by the rotation of the impeller take on an elliptical shape, not a concentric circle centered around the axis.

2. Suction

The suction port is positioned where the elliptical area expands. The liquid drawn in through the suction port is pushed into the space (gas cell) surrounded by the impeller blades and the “liquid ring.”

3. Compression

As shown in the diagram, the gas cell becomes smaller as the rotation continues. This means that the volume of the gas is being reduced, resulting in the compression process.

4. Discharge

The compressed air is released from the discharge port at the position where the pressure of the compressed gas reaches the specified level.

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