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A strainer is a filtering device used to separate solid particles from liquid or gas systems (particles larger than 25-50 microns) for various industries such as chemical, food, energy, petrochemicals, or automotive. There are various types of strainers available, including cone type, temporary, simplex/duplex basket, Y or T strainers, and auto or manual backwash strainers. These strainers are made from different materials such as cast iron, steel, and special-grade stainless steel, with sizes ranging from 1″ to 18″ and mesh sizes from #2 to #400 to accommodate a wide range of filtration needs.

The key feature of Ulbrec Strainer is the pre-manufacturing engineering study (Made to Order), where designs must meet ASME or other international standards according to customer requirements. This ensures that Ulbrec Strainers can effectively address specific operational needs, backed by post-manufacturing certifications.

Ulbrec products are manufactured in Austria and include various filtration equipment and process equipment such as mixers, agitators, screens, skids, and systems. These products are proprietary designs developed by Ulbrec over more than fifty years to cater to diverse industries including petrochemicals, chemicals, food and beverage, paper pulp, energy, automotive, and wastewater treatment.

Their equipment has been serving various industries for over fifty years, providing solutions for industries ranging from petrochemicals, chemicals, food and beverage, paper pulp, energy, automotive, to wastewater treatment.

Products Range

  • Filtration and separation
  • Screens and Elements
  • Skids and systems
  • Access, Safety and Fluid handling

Simplex Basket Strainers

Duplex Basket Strainers

A.B.W. & M.B.W. Strainer

A100 Series

GT Series

HP/HL Series

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