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Syler PE Line Galvanize Pipe

Steel Pipe with PE Lining “SYLER” – The Latest Innovation in Water Pipes Worldwide

Certified under ISO 9001-2000 quality system standards and FM APPROVED, SYLER pipes ensure consistent high quality in every pipe. Additionally, SYLER pipes meet the product standards of BS 1387/85 CLASS M (BSM), guaranteeing full standard thickness for each steel pipe. With a robust steel exterior and a clean, safe PE-lined interior, SYLER pipes are leak-proof, rust-free, and resistant to seepage. The PE lining is tightly bonded to the steel using advanced technology, and the joints are highly efficient, solving issues of leaks, cracks, and seepage. You can be confident that water passing through these pipes is free from rust and heavy metals.

SYLER pipes also feature an additional protective layer on the exterior with PE POWDER COATED, approximately 50 microns thick, over the usual galvanized coating. This innovation extends the product’s lifespan to over 50 years. SYLER pipes are available in two types:

1) Standard Type (White Lining – TYPE C, CLASS M (MEDIUM)): Suitable for general and cold water use, with a maximum temperature of 60 °C.

2) Hot Water Type (Red Lining – TYPE H, CLASS M (MEDIUM)): Designed for hot water use, with a maximum temperature of 90 °C. The various joints are lined internally with polypropylene (PP) plastic, suitable for temperatures up to 90 °C and a maximum pressure of 50 bars.

SYLER pipes provide a reliable solution for water transport, ensuring clean, safe water flow without the risk of rust or heavy metal contamination.

Products Range


  • SYLER Pipe – Standard Type (White Lining – TYPE C)
    SYLER Pipe – Hot Water Type (Red Lining – TYPE H)
    Grooved Coupling
    Threaded Installation

Syler PE

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Syler Pipe

The continuous innovation of SYLER PE-lined steel pipes includes an additional layer of protection on the exterior surface with blue PE powder coating. Beyond the standard galvanization, SYLER pipes are coated with a blue polyethylene (PE) layer approximately 50 microns thick on the outside. This enhancement significantly increases confidence in rust protection from the exterior.


Normal Type

White filling – TYPE C

For hot water

Red filling – TYPE H

Fitting Syler Coupling

easy installation like installing regular steel pipes


Grooved Coupling

Strength of the
Grooved Coupling System

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