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Fuji Filter

FUJI FILTER, established in 1966, is a world-renowned manufacturer of high-performance filters capable of filtering particles ranging from 0.001 microns (molecules) to 1,000 microns (sand grains).

FUJI FILTER’s versatility extends to filtering both gases, solids, liquids, and viscous substances. Their filter elements are meticulously crafted through a rigorous Metal Sintering Process that encompasses several meticulous steps:

Sintering is the process of compacting and forming a filter material with metal, then raising the temperature close to its melting point (about 90%), causing the atoms’ structures to diffuse.

Sintering is a process of fabricating porous metal filters by compacting metal powders into a desired shape and then heating them to a temperature close to their melting point (around 90%) to induce atomic-level diffusion.


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Fuji plate

Consisting of multiple layers of interconnected networks bonded together through a sintering process to form a porous metal component, the inner mesh contains extremely fine pores and defines precision in filtration (particle size)…

Fuji loy

The FUJILOY filter is crafted from continuous flat metal sheets seamlessly wound onto a cylindrical or conical mandrel without any welded joints. Its various components are made from a blend of multiple metal types.

Fuji Metal Fiber

It’s a sintered metal filter made from metal fibers through a sintering process, typically using stainless steel as the standard material. This central component exhibits high heat resistance, pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance.


It’s made from metal sheets with uniformly distributed pores, typically in the micron range. These sheets undergo a process of coating and sintering to create multi-layered sheets.


It’s made from spiral-wound cellulose fibers coated with phenolic resin, providing high resistance to corrosion. The filter is then subjected to heat treatment and melted together.

Other Filter

In addition to standard elements, we also offer a wide range of metal and alloy components that meet our customers’ needs. We design and manufacture products that go beyond standard specifications.

Standard Vessel Series

Made from metal sheets with uniformly distributed pores, our filters undergo a sintering process to create multi-layered sheets. These sheets are coated and burned using a sintering process to ensure accuracy within the micron range.

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