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Grievances and complaints.

1. Reporting clues and complaints
To encourage stakeholders both inside and outside the organization to be able to participate in the corporate governance process. Therefore, in the event that employees and various groups of stakeholders have questions or see suspected violations or non-compliance, According to the law, rules, regulations, code of conduct or corporate governance policy, you can ask questions, report clues or make complaints. Ready to send details of various evidence to relevant persons or agencies through the following contact channels:

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2. Conditions and Considerations for Grievances and Complaints

Details of grievances or complaints must be truthful, clear, or sufficient to enable further investigation to determine the truth. The complainant or grievant may choose not to disclose their name, address, or contact phone number if disclosing this information could pose a security risk or cause any harm. However, if disclosure is made, it will facilitate the company’s ability to report progress, request additional useful information, clarify facts, or mitigate damages more conveniently and quickly.

The complainant or grievant will be protected, whether they are company employees or external individuals. The timeframe for addressing complaints depends on the complexity of the matter, the adequacy of evidence received from the complainant, including documentation and explanations from the accused.

Those handling complaints and those involved in the investigation process must keep relevant information confidential and disclose only as necessary, considering the security and potential harm to the complainant or those assisting in the investigation, the source of information, or related individuals.

In cases where the complainant or those assisting in the investigation perceive potential harm or disturbance, they may request the company to establish appropriate protective measures. Alternatively, the company may establish protective measures without a request if deemed likely to cause harm or insecurity.

Individuals who suffer harm will receive appropriate and fair compensation through suitable processes.

Anyone making false or malicious complaints may face disciplinary or legal action.

3. Protection of Rights for Employees, Workers, or Other Contracted Individuals

The company will not engage in unfair practices against board members, executives, employees, workers, or any other contracted individuals, whether through job position changes, job nature, workplace changes, suspension, intimidation, work disruption, termination, or any other unfair actions.

Employees, workers, or contracted individuals have the right to report suspected wrongdoing, misconduct, violations of laws, regulations, ethics, or corporate governance policies.

Those reporting grievances, providing information, or assisting will not suffer any retaliation. They may provide information or assistance to the board, management, government agencies, or regulatory bodies for the benefit of investigations or reviews of suspected violations of laws, regulations, ethics, or corporate governance policies.

Refusing to participate in corrupt practices, even if it results in business loss, is encouraged.

The company will maintain confidentiality of received information and will not disclose the names of grievants or complainants to the public without consent unless required by law.

4. False Complaints

Complaints must be made in good faith, without the intent to deceive the organization or individuals. If a complaint, report, statement, or any information provided is proven to be made in bad faith, false, without merit, or with the intent to deceive the organization or individuals, the company will take appropriate action according to its procedures or relevant laws.