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Energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emissions can be achieved through simple steps. Water pumps are widely used machines that are directly connected to everyone’s daily lives, including in residential homes, commercial buildings, high-rise buildings, agricultural pumps, irrigation systems, drainage, wastewater treatment systems, and various industrial factories. Water pump systems consume nearly 10% of the world’s total electrical energy production, with 25-50% of pump usage occurring in industrial factories.

The energy costs of water pump systems constitute the highest proportion of their life cycle costs (LCC). However, this importance is often overlooked. Grundfos Group, a major global water pump manufacturer, recognizes the significance of energy conservation to reduce environmental impact and align with the company’s commitment to sustainability. Grundfos has developed the Energy Check Tool (ECT) Online Tool Program to preliminarily assess energy consumption in water pump systems. This tool uses software to analyze the efficiency of a pump system by comparing its performance against current product and technology standards. It then provides recommendations for improvements to minimize energy waste and maximize efficiency.

The energy used in pump systems depends on the efficiency of the pumps, from their design to the installation of control systems. When done correctly, this results in high efficiency, low energy costs, minimal maintenance, and prolonged lifespan of the equipment.


Achieve Energy Savings of 30-50%

Energy Check is an energy analysis for water pumps developed by Grundfos experts. These specialists calculate the energy consumption rates and carbon dioxide emissions for your existing pump system. The analysis shows that by switching to high-efficiency Grundfos pumps, you can significantly increase energy savings. Additionally, you will receive a comprehensive Energy Check report, including a life cycle cost analysis and recommendations for optimizing the efficiency of your pump system.

How You Can Benefit from Grundfos Energy Check

– The Energy Check concept helps improve your factory’s environmental footprint by reducing energy and water usage.
– It allows you to understand how much energy is being wasted by your old pump system, providing insights into potential energy savings. If you are interested in energy conservation, you can contact Siam East Solutions Public Company Limited at 038 682540 ext. 116 for service inquiries.
– Your factory will meet European design standards for energy-using products, specifically for circulation systems and pump motor systems (EuP).

Required Information for the Energy Check Tool

– Pump nameplate information
– Motor nameplate information
– Age of the pump in use

What You Will Receive from the Energy Check Tool

– Energy savings report and potential for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, along with the return on investment (ROI) you can expect from your investment.
– Future upgrade plans for your water pump system.
– Current issues identified in your water pump system.

Here is the translation of the process involved in Grundfos Energy Check:

1) Initial Contact: Our team will schedule an appointment with you to assess your water pump system. This includes identifying the type of water pump currently in use, its operational characteristics, its age, and other necessary information to analyze its current efficiency and potential for improvement.

2) On-Site Diagnosis: We conduct an actual inspection of your water pump system and gather comprehensive data about all aspects, including usage points and installation details. This thorough examination helps us pinpoint which parts of your water pump system should be upgraded or modified for better efficiency.

3) Presentation: Based on the gathered on-site data and observations, our team will prepare a quotation tailored to your specific needs and requirements for improving your water pump system’s energy efficiency.

4) Implementation: We proceed with checking the energy usage of your chosen or recommended water pump system. A report detailing energy savings achieved by the new pump system will be provided.

5) Evaluation: Once the Energy Check is completed and the report is presented, you can select the most suitable water pump system for your operations or opt for a Pump Audit to measure detailed energy usage. This step ensures that the system’s performance is optimized for maximum energy savings and cost reduction.

6) Follow-Up: Our team will follow up to ensure that you are satisfied with the service provided. This ensures that your water pump system operates efficiently according to your expectations.

To request the free Energy Check service for your water pump system (limited availability), please call +66 0-3868-2540 ext. 116.