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Graco Aodd, Air Piston Pump, Eodd, Hose Pump

We have been a part of your daily life for more than 90 years. We fill your peanut butter jars and provide oil for your engines. We also glue the soles of your shoes, the glass in your windows, and the ink on your banknotes. We spray the coating on your cars, coat your pills, paint your house, and texture your walls. We have been an integral part of your daily life for a long time. 


– Steel storage facilities
– Titanium dioxide plants
– Zinc, nickel, and copper plants
– High-value metal production

Wastewater treatment
– Seawater mineral reduction
– Specialized water purification technology
– Chlorine electrolysis

Graco Catalogue

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Air operated Double-Diaphragm

A popular multipurpose pump known for its cost-effectiveness, ease of use, portability, and resistance to corrosive chemicals.

Husky 205

Husky 307

Husky 515

Husky 716

Husky 1050

Husky 1590

Husky 2150

Husky 3300

Piston Pumps

1:1 Fast-Flo

King 24:1

President 20:1

Senator 19:1

Viscount II 1200 and 3100

Piston Pumps with Sealed Wet Cup

Electric operated Double-Diaphragm

Husky 1050e

Husky 2150e

Husky 3300e

Hose Pump

SoloTech 10

SoloTech 23

SoloTech 26

SoloTech 30

High Presure washer

Electro Double diaphragm pump

Electro Double diaphragm pump

- Hydra-Clean


PTFE Overmolded Diaphragm

CycleFlo and CycleFlo II

Surge Suppressors

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