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AMACS Mist Eliminator

ACS Industries, LP, Separations & Mass-Transfer Products is a manufacturer of high-efficiency wire mesh Mist Eliminators used to capture liquid droplets from gas streams, capable of capturing up to 99% of liquid droplets ranging from 3 microns and above. ACS offers various types and densities of Mist Eliminators depending on the process, such as metal wire mesh combined with fiberglass or Teflon. The design of the Mister Mesh features wire mesh rolls positioned longitudinally at the bottom of the pad, creating a “Coanda” effect that helps pull the liquid out through the bottom. The surface tension of the liquid aids in directing it through this wire mesh roll conveniently, keeping the space between wire mesh rolls clean and allowing gas to flow easily upwards. This design enhances capacity, efficiency, and reduces pressure drop.

Additionally, ACS offers Plate Pak Mist Eliminators, which trap large droplets carried by gas streams. These are designed with various angles, and the vanes gradually change the flow direction to reduce gas swirl and droplet re-entrainment. This design reduces gas and liquid load, providing a sturdy structure without fouling, utilizing the principle of Inertial Impaction. The fan blades guide the gas stream, causing water droplets to move more in a straight line due to their higher density and weight. Some droplets adhere to and remain on the fan blades, while others are thrown outwards by the gas flow. This creates larger droplets on the baffle plates, which eventually fall down and counterflow with the gas stream. Plate Pak™ is suitable for applications with large droplets, high gas velocity, low pressure drop, high liquid load, extremely viscous liquid, and foam problems.

Products Range


**Mist Eliminator:**
– ACS MisterMesh®
– ACS Plate Pak™

**Coalescers Separating liquids with different densities. (Liquid-Liquid Coalescers):*

– Interceptor-Pak™
– Stokes-Pak™
– Plate-Pak™

**Diffusers Importation (Inlet Diffusers):**
– ACS AccuFlow™

ACS MisterMesh®

Liquid Liquid Coalescers

ACS Plate Pak™



Inlet Diffusers

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