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RPB® T-Link®

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The cushioned headrest and head shock absorption system of T-Link help evenly distribute weight while reducing pressure on your head for ultimate comfort. With the Comfort-Link™ padding system as an accessory, stability and comfort are further enhanced.

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Design features:

– Large viewing port for excellent visibility of the surroundings and below
– Choice between lightweight impact-resistant hard hat or ANSI Z89.1 certified hard hat
– Includes a hood with ANSI Z87 certified safety lenses
– Stable frame ensures lenses won’t press against your nose
– Breathing tube integrates easily with respiratory aids and rotates for convenience
– Available with 2 types of protective covering: Dupont™ Tychem® 2000, Dupont™ Tychem® 4000
– Compatible with SAR (Supplied Air Respirator) and PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator)

Comfort features:

– Soft inner lining for breathability and effective air circulation, with shirt collar style aiding in ventilation to dissipate heat
– Fully adjustable padding system ensures a snug fit and maximum comfort
– Air vents allow air to flow through the lenses or wearer’s face for added comfort

Productivity features:

– Removable secondary lenses to shield the main lenses from excessive spray, and they can be quickly removed for easy cleaning, minimizing disruption to workflow.


Comms-Link™ helmet communication system for radio communications
Quiet-Link™ earmuffs for high-noise environments
Vision-Link™ lights attach directly to the T-Link’s jaws under the hood to illuminate the wearer’s workspace.


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