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TOMOE was established in 1941 and has since been a leading manufacturer of centrifuges, decanters, and other machinery in Japan. TOMOE manufactures and distributes equipment to various industries including chemical, petrochemical, machinery, food & medicals. Since the 1970s, TOMOE has developed machinery capable of handling wastewater treatment and sewage sludge disposal.

Furthermore, TOMOE emphasizes environmentally friendly products such as next-generation centrifugal dewatering machines, rotary press filters, gravity belt thickeners, etc. These products aim to meet the diverse needs of markets and industries involved in manufacturing or waste treatment processes, including separation, thickening, dewatering, filtering, clarification, expression, classification, screening, recovery, refining, polishing, grinding, and conveying, among others.

Products Range

Wastewater Treatment Systems
– Centrifugal Separation System
– Rotary Press Filter System

chemical and petrochemical production
– Centrifugal Separation System

Paper Production, Pulp, and Electricity Generation – Rotary Pressure Filter

The technology of centrifugal force and the efficiency of separating substances in both 2 or 3-phase formats (solid, liquid, and water with different densities) can be applied in manufacturing processes or waste treatment systems to separate contaminants. For example, separating water from oil or separating particles from liquid in a single process enhances the purity of products, prevents downstream issues, and helps save costs by extending the lifespan of coolant emulsions, washing lye, lube oil, thus reducing expenses and space needed for waste treatment. By utilizing centrifugal force at G-force levels, substances with different mechanical separation properties and densities, which do not emulsify, can be separated efficiently. This technology also helps reduce pollution caused by noise and odor as the machines are designed to be completely enclosed.

Tomoe’s machinery and equipment department is a leading manufacturer of centrifuges in Japan and supplies various machinery used in chemical, petrochemical, food, and medical technologies for substance separation. Since the 1970s, we have been involved in environmental care businesses. When Tomoe’s Decanter centrifuge began to be used for industrial wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering, it proved to be highly efficient.

With industrial development and diversified customer needs focusing on efficiency, energy conservation, maintenance, and environmental impact, Tomoe’s centrifuge demand has been continuously increasing. Tomoe has developed products to meet customer demands, emphasizing environmental friendliness alongside efficiency improvements. These include next-generation water separation centrifuges, rotary press filters, and gravity belt thickener machines, among others.

Wastewater treatment system

Centrifuge Decanter TSM Decanter

BDN Decanter

Rotary Press Filter

Centrifuge Decanter

TRV Decanter

PTM Centrifuge Decanter

Centrifuge Decanter

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