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Grun-Pumpen Drump, Barrel Pump

“GRUN” drum pump for transferring chemicals, oils, or high-viscosity liquids for 200-liter drums and other types of containers, providing convenience, speed, and increased safety for operators. “A time- and labor-saving, convenient, fast, and safe option for transferring chemicals.” Suitable for chemicals and high-viscosity substances, with materials available to match the liquid being used, such as PP, PVDF, stainless steel, and Hastelloy C. Additionally, there are smaller models for laboratory use, screw models for viscous substances, models capable of mixing in cases of sedimentation, and models designed to minimize chemical residue in the drum. Motors are available in both air-driven and electric versions, including 1 & 3 phase options, standard and explosion-proof types.

Grun: Multiple drum pump options, quick connections, convenient and safe operation, stocked in Rayong, no service charges. Suitable for chemicals, lightweight and smooth handling, materials available in PP, PVDF, SS, and HC. Specially designed for laboratory use, screw types for high-viscosity liquids, mixing types, and tank cleaning types. Motors available in 1 and 3 phase, explosion-proof, and air-driven options.

Products and Solutions

– For toxic liquids
– For acids and bases
– For flammable liquids
– For liquid mixing

– For complete drainage of tanks
– For medium viscosity liquids
– For high viscosity liquids

A popular, versatile pump that is affordable, easy to use, and portable, resistant to corrosive chemicals.

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Advantages of Grun Drum Pump

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