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SiamEast Solutions provides a variety of services to meet customer needs. It includes installation, maintenance, and overhaul of various types of pumps and equipment, equipment and surface coatings, heat and sound insulation work, pipe system design and installation, and inspection of water pump systems according to standards. All NFPA25 are carried out by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

In addition to providing quality products, Siameast Solutions also offers various services provided by experienced and highly skilled teams, including:

– Installation, commissioning, maintenance, and overhaul of pumps and various equipment.
– Surface coating of pumps, equipment, and surfaces using Locktite products.
– Removable insulation work for both hot and cold applications in industrial facilities, including sound reduction insulation using Armacell products.
– Design and installation of PE lined galvanized steel pipes, HDPE pipes, PP-R pipes, UPVC pipes, CPVC pipes, GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) pipes, Syler PE, Lining Pipe.
– Inspection and testing of fire pump systems according to NRPA25 standards, including energy audits of liquid pumping systems.
– Other services as per customer requirements.


Pump System Services
Testing, maintenance, and overhaul of pumps and various equipment are provided quickly and accurately. Our services include installation, commissioning, and maintenance of pumps, including fire pumps, and various equipment. Our experienced and highly skilled technicians can access and address issues directly, especially with products represented by Siameast Solutions. This signifies quality, genuine parts, and professional service. Additionally, Siameast Solutions is also a direct repair center for Grundfos pumps.

Energy Usage Inspection for Liquid Pumps
We provide Boost Energy Optimization services by inspecting the energy usage of liquid pumps. Utilizing tools and software developed by Grundfos, we measure fluid flow rates, pressure, and electrical currents. This data is then processed and analyzed to suggest energy-saving methods. Additionally, we conduct inspections and tests on fire pump systems according to NFPA25 standards (Performance Test Firepump).

Surface Coating Services with Locktight Products We provide surface coating services for various equipment and surfaces using Locktight products. This includes pumps, valves, tanks, pipes, heat exchangers, steel surfaces, and concrete surfaces inside/outside buildings and production areas, reservoirs, etc. The purposes of these coatings are as follows: – To reduce issues such as abrasion and corrosion on material surfaces. – To extend the lifespan and enhance the performance of machinery and equipment. – To prevent leakage of water, acids, alkalis, and various chemicals in reservoirs or chemical storage tanks. – To help save energy for various pumps since the coated surfaces are smooth and slippery, resulting in reduced electrical energy consumption.

Insulation Work including sound insulation provided by ArmaCell products.
We offer insulation work and distribute insulation materials to prevent heat/cold and reduce noise for various machinery and equipment such as valves, tanks, pipes, panels, turbines, furnaces, etc. The objectives of such insulation are:
– To protect against hazards from contact with heat or cold on various equipment.
– To protect against hazards from loud noise (as specified by law, not exceeding 85 decibels).
– To protect against energy loss from heat and cold during the production process.
– To save on fuel costs needed to generate energy lost during production.

Design and Installation of Galvanized Steel Pipes coated with Polyethylene (PE lined Galvanized pipe), HDPE plastic pipes, PP-R, UPVC, CPVC, GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) pipes. We provide design, installation, distribution, and modification services for internal and external pipe systems in factories, including underground pipelines. We use various types of pipes depending on the customer’s usage requirements, such as Galvanized Steel Pipes coated with Polyethylene (PE lined Galvanized pipe), HDPE plastic pipes, PP-R, UPVC, CPVC, and GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) pipes.

Other Services as per Customer’s Requirements
SiamEast also provides various services tailored to the needs of customers, such as steel grating installation and metal fabrication and welding work.

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