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Due to its capability to handle temperatures up to 240°C, Grundfos pumps are well-suited for a wide range of applications. Cooling is an essential part of industrial processes, ensuring that equipment operates efficiently and safely within specified temperature ranges.

Grundfos offers standard single-stage and multistage centrifugal pumps capable of circulating fluids with a maximum temperature of up to 120°C. Managing high fluid temperatures requires careful attention to prevent excessive heat generation at the seals. Additionally, these pumps are designed to minimize downtime and reduce costs significantly. For this specific challenge, Grundfos provides robust pumps that effectively dissipate heat using air-cooled shaft seals, which are readily compatible with hot water (up to 180°C) and hot oil (up to 240°C). All hot water pumps can be installed with frequency converters to ensure reliable temperature control during sterilization processes.


Working at high temperatures is crucially important when considering the use of specialty rubber materials. These materials can be applied effectively if oil is part of the process, although certain types of rubber may dissolve in oil.