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Hanbal Trays & Tower Packing

As a leading company and the first company in Korea to design and manufacture.
Internal Column Equipment


High Capacity NHP Valve Tray

Valve Tray, with high efficiency, can increase capacity by up to 60% or more compared to Fractionation Trays.

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Fractionation Trays

Fractionation Tray comes in three types: Sieve Tray, Valve Tray, and Bubble Tray.


Random packing

HMT can produce a variety of packing sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 3 inches. Generally, the material selection for Random packing...



Structured packing was developed in the early 1940s but did not gain popularity due to the incomplete liquid distribution.


Wire mesh type mist eliminator

The system for removing fog is also known as "fog removal equipment", "wire mesh separator", "wire mesh blanket", etc.


Plate type mist eliminator

The plate-type fog removal equipment is also known as a chevron-type fog eliminator, blade-type fog eliminator, etc.

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Liquid Distributors

Equipment for distributing liquid within the column. In some cases, multiple pieces of this equipment may be used to enhance efficiency.


Support Plate

Support Plate, in addition, has been designed to distribute both liquid and vapor uniformly.

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Feed Device

This is equipment for transporting liquid into the process. This equipment is used to reduce the flow rate of the incoming liquid from the pipe.

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We have a wide range of internal column components available for sale and manufacturing. These components include backup valves and covers, such as the MR2 Cage.

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Mist eliminator

• Wire Mesh mist eliminator
• Plate type mist eliminator
Separating and removing fog or dust from steam.

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Equipment used to separate liquids with different densities. Generally, this involves separating liquids with different densities.

Hanbal Trays & Tower Packing

Hanbal Masstech (HMT) is a leading company and the first company in Korea to design and manufacture internal column equipment, established in July 1971. They specialize in designing and producing Trays, Packing, Mist Eliminators, and related products for column internals used in various types of plants such as oil refineries, chemical, petrochemical, plant engineering, and construction companies.

In 1979, HMT collaborated with Norton Chemical Process Products Corporation as a distributor and manufacturer under the name “Norton Hanbal Korea Inc.” until April 2002.

Afterward, HMT engaged in research and development with the Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), particularly in R&D collaboration with KIER-Ruhr University in Germany as a member of F.R.I. for a period of five years under state assistance. Currently, HMT’s research and development with KIER continue every year.

HMT has adopted technology for design and manufacturing from Norton CPPC and has developed its own technology to meet the specific needs of customers. Additionally, HMT has a Liquid Distributor testing unit capable of testing up to 6 meters in diameter and up to 8 meters in height.

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