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Overview of Energy Saving Potential

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The energy audit by SiamEast with Grundfos is an analytical tool developed by Grundfos to identify excessive energy use in all types of pump systems. Energy audits typically lead to a 30-50% reduction in energy consumption, which translates to significant savings for your installation and slightly reduces environmental impact.

The energy audit is conducted by experts from SiamEast and Grundfos based on measurements. It focuses on the volume of materials the pump is handling and changes in flow over a relatively short and well-defined period. Experts from SiamEast and Grundfos install various measuring devices to measure and record the following:

• Quantitative values such as flow and energy consumption
• Analog values such as pressure, temperature, water level
• Operational rates such as pump start/stop, valve open/close

The audit assesses the overall efficiency of your pumps and proposes changes to improve performance. The proposals are supported by calculations of the savings to be made, reductions in CO2 emissions, and the payback time for any investments.


• Significant cost savings
• Substantial reduction in the installation’s carbon footprint