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“We are a service provider and importer of certified medical equipment in Thailand.”

"Certified according to ISO standards, including health, safety, and environmental protection requirements."

“In an era where diseases are still prevalent, health products have become essential items that everyone should have at home to protect themselves and their loved ones from various infections.

Today, we’ll introduce you to 3 essential health products that help prevent you and your loved ones from infections:

1. Srithai Rubber Gloves
Srithai rubber gloves are made from 100% natural rubber, providing a soft and comfortable touch with excellent resilience against impact. They are suitable for general tasks such as cleaning, servicing, and kitchen work. Srithai rubber gloves have been tested and certified to international standards, ensuring user safety.

2. Nisuki ATK Test Kit
The Nisuki ATK test kit is certified with CE-IVD standards from Europe and is highly effective in detecting COVID-19 with up to 99% accuracy. It is easy to use, simply drop the sample into the testing slot and wait for results in less than 15 minutes.

3. 3M PPE Kit
The 3M PPE kit is made from high-quality materials, resistant to chemicals and various diseases. It is suitable for use in hospitals, industrial plants, and high-risk environments. The kit includes a head cover, face mask, safety goggles, rubber gloves, and boots.

All three of these recommended health products are of high quality and certified to international standards, ensuring they can help protect you and your loved ones from various diseases.

Key features of the 3 essential health products:

Srithai Rubber Gloves
Made from 100% natural rubber
Soft and comfortable touch
Resilient against impact
Tested and certified to international standards

Nisuki ATK Test Kit
Certified with CE-IVD standards
Highly effective in detecting COVID-19 (up to 99% accuracy)
Easy to use

3M PPE Kit
Made from high-quality materials
Resistant to chemicals and diseases
Suitable for various environments such as hospitals and industrial plants”

List of Medical Face Masks

SE Black mask uai 516x516 1


Medical Grade Face Masks

medical face mamsk green


Medical Grade Face Masks

Antigen Test Kit Catalog

Antigen Test Kit for Nasal Swab, Saliva-based Antigen Test Kit


Nisuki Nasal swab​

1 Test / Box


Nisuki Nasal swab​

20 Test / Box


Nisuki Professional​

20 Test / Box


Nisuki Saliva

1 Test / Box


Testsealabs ​

1 Test / Box

Other Protective Equipment

PPE Kits, Rubber Gloves, Masks

3M 4510 PPE

3M 4510

Chemical and Disease Protection Kits

PPE 3M 4520

3M 4520

White Chemical Protection Suit

3M 4545 PPE

3M 4545

Dust and Disease Protection Suit

3M 45000


Dust Protection Suit

3M 8210

3M 8210

ถุงมือ ยาง ศรีตรัง

Sri Trang Nitrile Gloves

Blue, Powder-Free, Size L

ถุงมือ ยาง ศรีตรัง

Sri Trang Nitrile Gloves​

Blue, Powder-Free, Size M

Sri Trang Gloves - Gold, ถุงมือ ยาง ศรีตรัง

Sri Trang Nitrile Gloves​

Sri Trang Gloves - Pink, ถุงมือ ยาง ศรีตรัง

Sri Trang Nitrile Gloves

sritrang-powder, ถุงมือ ยาง ศรีตรัง

Sri Trang Nitrile Gloves

ถุงมือ ยาง ศรีตรัง สีเขียว

Sri Trang Nitrile Gloves


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