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Armacell Cold/Hot/Sound Insulation

Armacell, the world’s leading manufacturer of rubber insulation and foam, pioneered the production technology for foam from synthetic rubber in 1953. This innovation aimed to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment in various systems and industries. Armacell offers a wide range of products for different applications.

Armacell produces rubber insulation under the brand name Armaflex, which is developed for use in buildings requiring high hygiene standards, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities. Additionally, buildings with young occupants, like schools, educational institutions, and universities, require clean and sterile systems. To meet these needs, Armacell developed Class1 Armaflex insulation, treated with Microban, a globally recognized antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Class1 Armaflex insulation is free of CFCs/HCFCs and is used for insulating chilled water pipes, hot water pipes, air ducts, and high-performance mechanical equipment within a temperature range of -200 to 175 degrees Celsius. It has a low thermal conductivity coefficient and excellent resistance to moisture in the air, helping to control condensation and conserve energy within the system. Additionally, it provides sound insulation for various applications.

Products Range

Thermal Insulation

Armaflex Class 0
Armaflex Class 1
NH Armaflex
HT Armaflex
AF Armaflex
AP Armaflex
Armaflex Ultima
Armaflex Ultra
Armaflex Shiled CX
HT Armaflex Industrial
HT Armaflex Industrial IMO
LT Armaflex Industrial
LTD Armaflex Industrial
ArmaGel DT
ArmaGel HT
ArmaGel HTL

Acoustic Insulation

ArmaSound RD240
ArmaSound Barrier
ArmaSound Industrial System


– Armaflex 820, 520, HT625, SF990
Armaflex Cleaner
Armaflex Tape
Armafinish 99
ArmaCheck Mastic
Cladding Material
– ArmaCheck Silver
– ArmaCheck R
– ArmaCheck GC
Installation Manual
– Insulation calculator


The built-in vapor barrier reduces the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI), conserves energy, and minimizes heat loss. It is classified as Class 1 fire rated according to BS476 Part 7 and has been certified by leading international fire safety authorities. Additionally, it is fiber-free.



The flexible elastomeric insulation material, NH/Armaflex, minimizes smoke development in the event of a fire. This closed-cell rubber insulation, made from nitrile synthetic rubber, is free from CFCs and HCFCs and has been certified by maritime, oil rig, natural gas, and petrochemical standards organizations worldwide. It is environmentally friendly as it does not emit toxic gases from halogen compounds during a fire and is halogen-free, ensuring non-toxic smoke. It is suitable for installation on ships, oil rigs, server rooms, and clean rooms. NH/Armaflex has a low thermal conductivity coefficient and high inherent moisture resistance without the need for additional moisture barriers. It meets high technical standards for shipbuilding, oil rig, and petrochemical applications in many countries globally, such as ABS, Llodge, DNV, and IMO.


For high-temperature applications, UV, and sunlight resistance without dust and fibers, HT/Armaflex is the solution. This closed-cell elastomeric insulation is made from EPDM synthetic rubber and is free from CFCs and HCFCs. Designed for high-temperature use, it is easy to install and maintains flexibility at continuous temperatures up to 150°C and intermittent temperatures up to 175°C.

It can also handle temperatures as low as -200°C (contact technical support for special installation methods). HT/Armaflex withstands UV exposure without needing additional protective cladding. The material meets Class 1 requirements according to BS476 Part 7 standards.


**Arma-Chek R**

The synthetic rubber insulation jacket designed to reduce the risk of under-insulation corrosion (UIC).

**Arma-Chek R** has been developed specifically for use on offshore oil rigs, refineries, and petrochemical plants. It offers high resistance to salt spray, UV rays, and physical damage such as crushing, tearing, and pulling. This jacket features a built-in water vapor barrier, which significantly enhances its durability against corrosive environments. Furthermore, it prevents galvanic corrosion, ensuring long-term protection and reliability.



The lightweight and easy-to-install insulation jacket, ARMACHEK-D, is a non-metallic insulation jacket made from a black polymer material laminated with special glass fibers. It is designed to cover Armaflex rubber insulation, enhancing its resistance to UV radiation, compression, and the risk of under-insulation corrosion (UIC).


Arma-Chek S+ is an advanced insulation jacket developed for applications in engine rooms, clean rooms, and various other industries. It features a durable construction with aluminum foil, fire-resistant glass cloth, and special glass fiber that protects against compression, pulling, and tearing.


Arma-Chek T is a high-flexibility non-metallic insulation jacket designed for applications where mechanical protection and moisture resistance are critical. It is especially suitable for environments with high corrosion potential, such as oil refineries, offshore oil platforms, and petrochemical plants.

**ArmaSound RD – Professional Acoustic Insulation**

ArmaSound RD is a high-performance acoustic rubber insulation designed to meet the demands of noise reduction in various equipment. It absorbs sound twice as effectively as conventional sound-absorbing materials of the same thickness. This allows architects and engineers to design and decorate interiors with greater freedom, as less space is needed for insulation installation while maintaining the same level of noise reduction efficiency.

**Arma-Chek Sound – The World’s First Anti-Corrosion Acoustic Rubber Insulation**

Armacell has developed an insulation system that provides both thermal insulation and sound absorption, known as Arma-Chek Sound. This new product is designed for use in ships and oil platforms. It combines Armaflex rubber insulation with the non-metallic Arma-Chek R jacket and is topped with ArmaSound acoustic insulation. This configuration ensures excellent noise reduction and temperature control in pipe systems. The Arma-Chek Sound insulation system meets ISO 15665 Class A to Class C standards.

**ArmaSound Floor – Enhancing Quietness in Your Desired Systems**

ArmaSound Floor is a flexible, closed-cell rubber insulation designed for building applications. It is certified for floor sound absorption according to the Building Regulations Approved Document E (BRADE). This makes it an ideal material for reducing noise and enhancing acoustic comfort in building systems.


**Accessories for Armaflex and Arma-Chek Systems**

These accessories enhance the efficiency of rubber insulation and jacketing systems.

**ARMAFLEX Adhesive 520**

Made from synthetic chloroprene rubber mixed with solvents and other additives, this adhesive has low viscosity, dries quickly, and is non-flammable once dry. It is ideal for use with Armaflex rubber insulation.

**Adhesive HT625**

HT625 is used for installing high-temperature rubber insulation and works well when applied with HT/Armaflex.

**ARMAFLEX Tape, Self-Adhesive**

This self-adhesive rubber insulation tape is the same type as class 1 Armaflex. It has built-in adhesive and is used to insulate pipes and equipment that are difficult to cover with rubber insulation tubes and sheets.


This water-based paint is made from terpolymer and is used to protect the surface of Armaflex rubber insulation. It remains flexible and is resistant to sunlight, UV radiation, water vapor, and fire. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with fiberglass.

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