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Water treatment systems come in various formats and operate differently, and at Grundfos, we offer a comprehensive range of products specifically designed for pumping applications. Whether you’re looking for solutions to manage or treat aggressive mediums like saline water or high-purity water production (WFI), we provide highly reliable systems. These systems range from filtration solutions to advanced savings systems, enabling efficient water reuse capabilities.

Grundfos pumps for water treatment offer various methods for water treatment, including:

All these water treatment pumps can be integrated with chemical dosing pumps to accurately supply chemicals before or during the treatment process. This capability makes Grundfos pumps outstanding for water treatment processes due to their robust performance even when dealing with aggressive media or challenging environmental conditions. For reverse osmosis processes that utilize membrane filtration, Grundfos multi-stage pumps are particularly suitable for managing high pressures (up to 60 bar) and are available in models made from materials like titanium for excellent resistance to saline water. For low-pressure applications, membrane filtration systems such as those using membrane processes are suitable for treating high-purity water for use in pharmaceutical production, LCD manufacturing, and semiconductor equipment production. Drinking water treatment is achieved using chlorine dioxide to eliminate harmful bacterial infections.

All types of Grundfos pumps come equipped with advanced measurement and control systems capable of monitoring and controlling chemical parameters of water and engineering processes in critical operations.