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What kind of business should install solar cells?

Is your business experiencing high electricity costs? If so, installing solar panels could be an option to help save on electricity expenses.

In an era of rising energy costs, adopting clean energy sources like solar panels can help your business reduce electricity expenses, cut costs, increase profitability, and foster sustainable growth. Additionally, it contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

However, it’s important to understand that not every business is suitable for solar panel installation. This article will help you make an informed decision on whether solar panels are right for your business.

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What kind of business is suitable for installing solar cells?

1. Business with a large roof area

Solar cells require space to install. The larger the roof area, The more solar panels you can install, Produces a lot of energy Reduce your electricity bill a lot. Suitable for:

2. Businesses with high electricity costs

The more electricity a business consumes and the higher its meter spins due to increased usage, the higher its electricity costs rise. Installing solar panels becomes increasingly beneficial in such scenarios because they offer a quicker return on investment. This type of business is well-suited for solar panel installation.

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3. Businesses that want to preserve the environment

In today’s world, consumers place greater importance on environmental conservation. Installing solar panels is considered a demonstration of social responsibility and enhances the business’s reputation positively.

4. Businesses that aim to reduce the risk of fluctuating electricity costs

The trend of increasing energy prices shows no signs of decreasing, making solar panel installation akin to “locking in” costs or reducing expenses related to electricity. This helps businesses manage expenses more effectively by stabilizing or lowering their electricity costs over time.

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Installing solar panels: How worthwhile is it?

The most frequently asked questions…

How worthwhile is it? How quickly will it pay off?

The answer depends on three main factors.

1. Electrical capacity (kWp): The more solar panels installed, the greater the capacity. Produces a lot of electrical energy Therefore, it will help reduce the electricity bill a lot and pay back the investment quickly.

2. Electricity Rate: If the electricity rate is high and you consume a lot, the payback period will be faster. If the electricity rate is low 

3. Installation price: The higher the price, the slower the payback. The lower the price, the faster the payback.

Calculation example

Example: A medium-sized factory uses 150,000 units of electricity per month. Electricity rate 4 baht/unit, install solar cell size 100 kWp, price 1.5 million baht.


(Note 0.77 : Reduction coefficient)


Installing solar panels is suitable for businesses with large rooftop spaces, high electricity costs, a commitment to social responsibility, and a desire to reduce risk.

Before making a decision, it’s advisable to consult with solar experts to assess the cost-effectiveness and choose the system that best fits your business.

The following example provides a preliminary calculation to aid decision-making. It’s crucial to thoroughly study and consult with solar installation service providers to evaluate the feasibility for each specific business.

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