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CBD Distillate

Distillates are high potency CBD extracts, with full-spectrum cannabinoids, that are purified through a process of distillation

• Characteristics: Amber oil with limited cannabis taste and odor
• Potency: 80-90%*

*Though, CBD distillate will be sold in diluted form, in compliance with Thailand’s regulations

CBD Isolate

Isolates are pure CBD extracts, with no other cannabinoids, that are isolated through a process of crystallization

• Characteristics: White crystalline solid with no cannabis taste and odor
• Potency: >98%

water isolate

Water Soluble CBD

Water-compatible CBD extracts, with higher bioavailability, that are produced via a nano-emulsification technology

• Characteristics : Clear liquid with limited taste and odor
• Potency : 5-20%

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