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Business Partnerships


UBA, a pioneer in innovative approaches to water pollution and environmental management, established Utility Business Alliances Public Company Limited (UBA) in 2000, with a group of experts in water pollution management and environmental engineering. With a registered capital of over 40 million baht, UBA is now a leading provider of comprehensive water and wastewater management services, adhering to international standards. Today, UBA leads in providing comprehensive water and wastewater management services to both public and private sector clients in Thailand.

In 2021, Siam East increased its registered capital by issuing 360 million new shares. These shares were offered to existing shareholders at a ratio of 2 shares for every 3 shares held, at a price of 0.50 baht per share, raising approximately 180 million baht. Additionally, the company distributed dividends of 0.055 baht per share in cash. Furthermore, Siam East acquired the business operations of Casecell (Thailand) and continued to be a market leader known for its unique blend of technology and expertise.

OKS Group Holdings Limited is a subsidiary of Siam East Solutions Public Company Limited. It focuses on investments that can facilitate and create new business ecosystems while maintaining the goal of serving our customers in line with our service ecosystem.


Nichihara Corporation Limited is a leading company in the country in managing water, wastewater, and waste to achieve comprehensive benefits. It is the number one company in wastewater and high-fat treatment, design, construction, installation of wastewater treatment systems, water analysis, and distribution of dewatering machines, water tanks, and grease traps. The company has collaborated with Siam East Solutions Public Company Limited (Public Company Limited) as a sales representative.
Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation Limited, headquartered in the New Technology Development Zone and National High-Tech Zone of Chengdu City, is a leading sensor company in the country. It has partnered with Siam East Solutions Public Company Limited (Public Company Limited) as a business partner.