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SE 2024 aims for a revenue growth of 25%.
They are pushing forward with a solar energy project, targeting a 200% growth compared to last year.
They are also focusing on sourcing ESG products and services to serve their customers.

For driving business this year, SE continues to operate businesses in industrial sectors that are likely to grow further, such as automobile production (EV), packaging (Packaging Plastic), food and beverage (Food and Beverage), renewable energy ( Renewable Energy)

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SE has set ambitious goals for this year:

  1. Increase sales volume of products and services by 23% to customers.
  2. Maintain existing customer base by enhancing service with Pump Audits, and developing AI and database-driven employee systems to accurately analyze customer purchase demands and timely proposals.

Additionally, SE aims to:

  1. Increase sales by 18% for all product lines sold.
  2. Expand to represent 65 brands, focusing on Energy Optimizer and Renewable Energy innovations, in support of Engineer Teams to deliver the most suitable and valuable products and services to customers.

Furthermore, SE plans to:

  1. Achieve 200% growth in the solar energy business compared to the previous year, expecting installations in various formats such as Solar Rooftop, Solar Floating, Solar Farm, and Solar Carpark. This includes projects supported by government initiatives and industrial facilities across economic zones nationwide.
  2. Prepare to list on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) by 2026, leveraging readiness in all aspects of operations and staff readiness to tackle challenges and opportunities in business expansion.

SE is poised to pursue these strategic objectives, aligning its business with growth opportunities and industry trends.