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2024 01 19 NEWS ESG 01 scaled

Upgrading your business to ESG, creating opportunities for sustainable growth

ESG has become a mainstream trend in global business today. Thailand has announced its goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and is likely to introduce regulations mandating compliance across all industrial sectors in the future. This has prompted many listed companies to improve their production and operational processes to reduce their environmental and social impacts, leading to new investments to align their businesses with this trend.

In an era where consumers prioritize purchasing products and services from companies that are environmentally and socially responsible and have good governance, it presents an excellent opportunity for businesses that can adapt quickly. Therefore, companies that embed ESG into their corporate strategies can stimulate sales, expand their customer base, generate profits, and achieve real growth.

ESG is expected to remain a mainstream trend in the business world in the long term, drawing increased attention from all sectors. Particularly for businesses that supply products to the manufacturing industry, which is the starting point of various products before reaching consumers, it is necessary to elevate operations, offer products, and provide services that are environmentally and socially friendly to meet customer needs.

Mr. Kirk Leekasem, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited (SE), a supplier and distributor of industrial products divided into six product groups—pump systems, piping systems, innovative materials, medical equipment and supplies, service business, and utilities and energy—offering comprehensive solutions, stated that as various business sectors and all industrial plants, which are the company’s main customers, are in the process of embracing sustainable organizational development policies (ESG), it presents an opportunity to extend services to existing and new customers. This supports customers in increasing their profitability and developing the environment sustainably together.

The company, therefore, focuses on sourcing new products and improving services to efficiently meet customer needs, selecting products and offering services with environmentally friendly technology and innovations. For example, selling pumps with energy-saving technology and selling biodegradable packaging coatings. Additionally, the company provides preventive maintenance services, checking pump quality and maintenance with the Boost Energy Optimization (BEO) system to ensure consistent and efficient performance, saving energy and reducing costs.

Moreover, SE offers solar cell installation services, supporting factory customers in using solar energy, and collaborates with Utility Business Alliance Public Company Limited to provide wastewater treatment services to both government and private sector industrial plants.

In terms of organizational management, SE continuously reduces waste from operations by applying the 3Rs principles—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—and legally disposing of waste and unused materials while reporting compliance with the Ministry of Industry’s regulations.

SE is committed to driving business growth sustainably by delivering solutions excellence, conducting business according to good corporate governance principles, being environmentally responsible, and improving the quality of life in communities according to international practices to foster sustainable living and well-being.