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2024 03 013 NEWS OPPDAY scaled

SE reported strong growth in Q1/67, focusing on Green Products and responding to ESG trends. The company revealed that it is gradually delivering projects and expects bidding results worth a total of 1,500 million baht. In Q1/67, SE’s business direction shows promising growth, with the company able to continuously deliver products and services to both existing and new customers. Moreover, SE is awaiting the results of public-private partnership bids valued at over 1,500 million baht, marking a significant 57.9% increase compared to the previous year. As of December 2566, SE’s backlog stood at approximately 199.21 million baht.

Furthermore, SE is focusing on sourcing products related to clean energy to expand its customer base in growing industrial sectors such as Electric Vehicles (EV), packaging, electronics, and utilities. For the fiscal year 2566, SE reported total revenue of 646.48 million baht, reflecting an increase of 6.75% from the previous year’s 605.61 million baht. The net profit for the year was 61.43 million baht, which decreased by 7.97% compared to the previous year’s net profit of 66.75 million baht.

In addition, the company’s board proposed a dividend payout of 0.026493 baht per share, totaling 18,000,677.67 baht. This represents a dividend payout ratio of 29.30% of the net profit after legal reserves. The record date for shareholders entitled to receive dividends is March 13, 2567, with dividend payment scheduled for May 23, 2567. The proposal will be presented for approval at the annual general meeting of shareholders on April 28, 2567.