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SE joins hands with Linquip

to bring business in the Thai industry Stepping into the full digital era

July 25, 2022 – SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited invests in Linquip Corporation Start up from America. The world’s leading platform that collects information related to industrial products. Industry experts, manufacturers, service providers, and customers come together to create this networked ecosystem. SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited has been a Thai industrial product procurement and distribution company for nearly 30 years, committed to providing efficient and fast products and services. Create opportunities for investment and increase value for shareholders. customers and employees SiamEast distributes industrial products to 5 product groups and services: Pumping Products and Technology Group, Production Process Management and Piping Product Group, Innovative Materials Product Group, Medical Equipment and Supplies Group, and Service Business Group. To support the expansion of work related to the industry in the future. On this occasion, Ms. Orasa Wimonchalao, Chief Executive Officer of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited and Mr. Krirk Leekasem, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited, signed an MOU with Dr. Pedram Hanafizadeh, Chief Executive Officer. Linquip Corporation to develop businesses in the industrial world and break the rules. To move into a digital format with target groups in Thailand and countries in Southeast Asia, where Linquip is a modern cloud-based platform and is a One Stop Service for trading and providing various information. in the category related to industrial products SiamEast joins hands with Linquip to prepare businesses for Ready to deal with new trends that is about to happen • Help customers compare prices and evaluate. specification of products and services • There is a score rating displayed. for users to use the platform Can compare product information from other manufacturers. • Help that manufacturer. Develop their products and services in the industry category to improve and compete in the marketThe direction of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited will focus on adjusting the business model by bringing in new innovations. In order for the company to compete sustainably and we sincerely hope that the direction we are heading will be able to respond well to the needs of consumers according to the trends of change in the world in the VUCA era.