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(Article compiled from 3 real customer responses Grundfos)

“This is the dream I want. It’s been a reality for many years now. Reusing water in the process” where we can make 90% of the water reusable. With Grundfos pumps and chemical dosing systems, 95% of pumps on site are covered. This helps in every step including complete dosing. Grundfos pumps have software that controls the flow and guarantees that you are only dispensing the required amount of chemicals.

– Anders Kokholm, Production Director, Carlsberg Beer, Denmark

“With this new pump, Grundfos helps us fulfill our vision. Supplying sustainable water to the people in our area With the 50,000 residents of Oberwart, it is safe, energy efficient. and save costs We have achieved significant energy savings with this single pump.”

– Christian Portschy, Managing Director of WVSB in Oberwart

Consistency is the most important thing in beer brewing. And the most important problem in beer production is water quality control. To achieve the goal of establishing a more efficient factory and ready for higher production capacity, Madtree has partnered with Veolia Water Technology to Build a kit to meet your brewer’s needs. Two Grundfos SMART Digital Dosing pumps and a Grundfos CRN vertical multi-impeller centrifugal pump are used for the system.
“The Grundfos pumps we use for dosing points Both points in our system work smoothly and are easy to use. Settings for general users”

– Matt Rowe, Director of Brewing Operations, Madtree Brewing, USA

Siam East Solutions Public Company Limited is the official distributor and service center in the eastern region. You will receive service from sales engineers. and service engineers With experience and expertise before, during and after the sale. The water pump brand “GRUNDFOS”  also has a product warranty for 2 years, longer than other manufacturers. This allows you to be confident in both products and services. And Grundfos also has a 24-hour online service, giving advice and solving water pump problems.