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On Monday, September 19, 2022
The executive team Leading the team together with Ms. Orasa Wimolchalao, Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Krirk Leekasem, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited, along with employees of Utility Business Alliance Public Company Limited. )
Welcoming the team from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to visit the business. To prepare for listing on the MAI Stock Exchange, with Capital One Partner Company Limited as a financial advisor. Participate in providing information at the Din Daeng Water Quality Control Plant.
Utility Business Alliance Public Company Limited
is a top company in Thailand. that does water and environmental management business Focusing on government customers up to 85% and the private sector another 15%, however, UBA can help SE expand its customer base in the government sector even more. Currently, UBA treats wastewater up to 500,000 cubic meters/day by carrying out both procurement work. Personnel go in to operate the system, do maintenance work, and measure water quality. Including being responsible for various utility expenses. related to complete wastewater treatment The main objective is that the value of treated water must meet the set standards.

Reference http://www.uba.co.th/index.php/outstanding-projects.html