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#SE #Than Stocks – SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited or SE informs the Stock Exchange that The Company’s Board of Directors has resolved to approve the determination of the framework and procedures for determining the rights of the Company’s shareholders. who have the right to subscribe for additional shares of Utility Business Alliance Public Company Limited or UBA, an associate company to be listed on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai), which has determined the rate of exercise of the rights of the company’s shareholders. Have the right to be allocated UBA shares. The preliminary estimate is approximately 64.2342 common shares of the company per 1 common share of UBA.

The date for not receiving other benefits (XB) is set for 2 Nov. 2022 and the list of shareholders who have the right to receive allocation of shares is set (Record Date) (3 November 2022)< /p>

UBA operates in the business of providing comprehensive system operation and maintenance services. As well as providing consulting services, design, construction, and installation of various machinery and equipment. according to customer needs To support the integrated water management business, a total of 170 million IPO shares will be offered for sale, with Capital One Partners Company Limited serving as financial advisor. 

– Source Thunhoon