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6 years of SE IPO, heading towards 30 years of experience in selecting products and services and delivering solutions to Thai industrial customers.

February 14, 2023

Siam East Solutions Public Company Limited (SE) thanks all investors and stakeholders. who have confidence in the Company’s management team’s ability to conduct business well over the past 6 years

Siam East (SE) has continued to grow. Expand sales of additional product groups. From 2018, there were 3 product groups. Currently, there are 5 product groups. that covers products and services related to businesses in the Thai industry group (Pump system products and technology group, Management product group Production processes and piping systems, innovative material product group, medical equipment and pharmaceutical product group and service business product group) in 2021 selling products of 35 brands, in 2022 selling products of more than 46 brands, and in 2023 there are still plans to increase the number of products continuously.

There is also a joint venture with 3 subsidiaries: OKS Group Holding Company Limited, Kessel (Thailand) Company Limited, and Utility Business Alliance Public Company Limited, known in the stock exchange (UBA).

SE reinforces excellence in the industry for all stakeholders. Join forces with partners in many businesses. To increase the ability to conduct business in both the supply side of industrial products Joint investment in developing a platform that brings together industrial products around the world. on one platform (More details can be viewed at the company website Selection of quality hemp extracts for the beauty business Food and Drink Develop water and wastewater treatment services and also promote the sale of environmentally friendly packaging products. and support business operations under the ESG concept

For 2023, the company will focus on 3 main issues: the bottom line of the operating results. (Net profit margin: Net profit Margin), giving importance to ESG issues with CLEAN ENERGY by selling products related to the concept of sustainable corporate development and M&A in finding strategic business partners. From last year, the company has a backlog on hand, waiting to be delivered, of more than 41.15 million baht. In 2024, it will deliver the amount of 34.47 million baht. However, the company is trying to find as much additional backlog as possible. The company aims for revenue growth of 15-20%. In the first 9 months, the company will have an income of 443.20 million baht and a net profit of 46.93 million baht.