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Many people are probably paying attention to the solar cell system in order to reduce their electricity bills. Especially the industrial sector Where electricity is used continuously 24 hours a day, the more electrical appliances you use, the higher the electricity bill becomes. If there is an option to reduce electricity costs for your own business or even the household sector, it would be great. SE therefore offers Solar cells that are worth investing in the long term But before we decide to invest, let’s know about solar system equipment. Let’s do the cells first.

  1. Solar panels

As the name suggests, the solar cell system is indispensable. Solar panels are an indispensable device for use. Because solar panels will affect electricity production and depend on the type of panel, size, and budget that we are okay with. Typically, this type of equipment will have a lifespan of approximately 20 years, depending on maintenance.

Type of solar panel
There are two main types of solar panels in use today: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The quality of these two panels is not much different, the only difference is the size. As for the choice of use, it depends on the area where it will be installed and the price that we can afford. There is also something to consider: the size of the solar panels. Cells have the capacity to produce the electricity that we use as well. Most of the time, the lifespan of these devices is approximately 20 years, but normally after 7 – 10 years of use, the efficiency in producing electricity will gradually decrease. Therefore, we should take care of them according to the installed model. Such as Off Gird, On Grid and Hybrid.

  1. Charging controller

It is an important device that can be charged from the panel to the battery. You should ask the service provider carefully which type to use. Which version is suitable for the installed system?

  1. Battery

In the case of Off Grid and Hybrid installations, it is necessary to use batteries to store the power produced from solar panels. In principle, when choosing the size of the battery, you should choose one that has a capacity of amps that is large enough to store the power from the solar panel. The larger the battery, the more power it can store. But the battery itself’s job is only to store the electricity it produces. It does not have any duty to produce electricity. And if the size of the solar panel is smaller than the battery, it will not be able to store more electricity. Therefore, if you want to produce more electricity than before. The focus should be on the size of the solar panels rather than the size of the batteries.

  1. Power converter (Inverter)

Another indispensable item for installing solar panels is a power converter, also known as an Inverter. Its job is to convert the power produced from the solar panels into direct current. Let it be an alternating current. To be used with electrical appliances You should see that this power converter should be used in a type that is suitable for our solar installation. You can consult the service provider for confidence.


1. Solar panels


2. Charging controller


3. Battery

4. Power converter

Power converter There are 3 types currently in use, the same with all 3 types of installation:
1) Off Grid inverter
is a power converter from DC to 220v AC which can be used with the machine. Can use various types of electricity such as air conditioners, fans, computers. The advantage is that this type of power converter is cheap, easy to buy, and can be used at night because it comes from a battery.
2) On Grid Inverter
is a power converter that Can be connected together with normal power supply without having to separate the load of electrical appliances. There is signal processing. The advantage is that it saves more electricity than before. No need to install batteries to use. Because when connected with the house power It will cause the electricity meter to rotate slowly. Suitable for use with all types of electrical appliances and during the daytime with high electricity usage.
3) Hybrid Inverter
is a converter that combines On Grid and Off Grid that will allow use throughout the day. and night You can choose to use it with electrical equipment in your residence or office if you need to use it. If when using power from the battery there is not enough power or the power has already run out from the battery. You can switch to using electricity from the electricity meter normally. And can set the electricity meter to not rotate in reverse, so there is no problem with the electricity authority.

The equipment mentioned above. If you choose to buy one that is appropriate for your use, it will help you save a lot of money in the long run. In addition to reducing our costs, it also helps reduce the world in another way. If you are lookingSolution for saving electricity to reduce costs, solar cells are one of the options that seem worth the investment and suitable for use< /p>