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‘SiamEast’ wins Set Awards 2023
Award guaranteeing vision in business operations, Solutions Excellence
Business Excellence award group
Executive Committee of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited
By Ms. Orasa Vimolchalao, CEO of the Company and
Mr. Kirk Leekasem, Deputy CEO of the Company
Received the Best Company Performance Awards 2023
This award is given to companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) and the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) that have outstanding growth performance. By considering financial ratios Performing duties of a listed company in full accordance with the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s regulations
and has good corporate governance Executives have no history of corruption. There is good information disclosure. The companies that win awards in this group are those that have good operating results. and has grown well over the past year along with reliability
At the SET Awards 2023 award ceremony
November 21, 2023