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‘SiamEast Solutions’ show in 2016, earning 434.31 million baht

Ready to pay dividends of 0.08 baht per share, expecting the opening of a workshop center in the second half of the year to drive revenue from the service group. Supports 2017 profit target to grow 20%

Siam East Solutions Public Company Limited or SE aims for total revenue this year to grow 11% after last year’s total revenue was 434.31 million baht, growing slightly. Ready to approve dividend payment of 0.08 baht per share. The management has accelerated aggressive marketing to drive sales of all industrial product groups this year. Ready to build an engineering service center (Workshop) in the second quarter, expected to open for service to industrial customers in the second half of the year, which will allow SE to have the ability to provide comprehensive services. Both sales and service work are better. It hopes to increase revenue from the service group this year by approximately 40 million baht, supporting the 2017 profit target to grow 20%.

Miss Orasa Vimonchalao, CEO of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited or SE, a leader in procurement and distribution, providing complete services regarding pump systems. Process equipment and piping systems Including innovative materials in the eastern region, it was revealed that the company aims to drive total revenue in 2017 to grow more than 11% or have an income of 484 million baht from last year’s total income of 434.31 million baht. This year’s plan will focus on Focus on aggressive marketing to create sales growth in all product groups, both product groups and pump system technology. Production and pipeline management product group and innovative material product groups It will offer new products and services along with comprehensive consultations under the concept of Industrial Equipment Solution Provider to industrial customers in the Eastern region and other areas. All over the country

After raising funds on the MAI Stock Exchange, the company has prepared to invest in developing an engineering service center (Workshop) in the area of its headquarters in Rayong Province. It is expected that construction will begin in the second quarter of this year and will be completed and open for service in the second half of this year. This will help generate income from the service group for the company, such as pump system maintenance services. Machine surface coating service Pipe system equipment Designing and sewing insulation covering machines and equipment for industrial plants, etc., with the target revenue from the service group this year being approximately 40 million baht, or approximately more than 8% of the total revenue target in 2017, and helping to increase the ability to Making a profit from service work Supporting profit growth of 20%, which is expected to increase exponentially from last year and continue to expand in the future.

“We view that the overall economy and manufacturing industry this year has a better trend. This is because the government has moved forward to push the Eastern Economic Corridor or EEC project to cover areas in Chonburi province. Rayong and Chachoengsao To build an industrial city and promote the development of advanced technology and innovation in the area. This will result in the area becoming an important strategic location for the industrial sector in the ASEAN region. and help build confidence in the investment sector and demand for various materials and equipment. for the construction of factories and to improve the efficiency of machinery as well,” Ms. Orasa said.

Mr. Saengphet Tanta Atthipanich SE Managing Director said that for the 4th quarter of 2016 (October-December 2016), the company’s total income was 120.17 million baht, an increase of 10.50% from the previous quarter with total income of 108.75 million baht and net profit of 7.82 million baht, slowing down. decreased from the previous quarter While overall in 2016, the company had total income of 434.31 million baht, an increase of 3.05% from the previous year’s total income of 421.42 million baht. The increase in total income in 2016 resulted from product presentation and aggressive marketing. Reach customers to drive sales Net profit was 26.81 million baht, slightly slowing down from last year. This was caused by specific expenses that increased this year, such as consulting fees for bringing the company to be listed on the stock exchange. Expenses for maintenance and improvement of office buildings in Rayong Province and increased sales and administrative expenses (SG&A) to support work systems and future expansion.

However Meeting of the Board of Directors It was resolved to pay dividends from the operating results of 2016 to shareholders at the rate of 0.08 baht per share, with the XD sign posted on March 7, 2017 and the register closed to collect the names of those eligible to receive dividends on that date. March 10, 2017, before dividends are due to be paid to shareholders on May 19, 2017.

– Source MT Multimedia