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Siam East Solutions Public Company Limited (SE) is ready to trade on the MAI Stock Exchange on the first day, 14 February.

Proactive investment in engineering service center in Rayong Province to expand service work. Supporting income growth Accepting the government push for the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), encouraging investment in the area to surge.

Siam East Solutions Public Company Limited or SE, a supplier and distributor, provides complete service regarding pump systems. Process equipment and piping systems including innovative materials Ready to trade on the MAI Stock Exchange on the first day, February 14th, emphasizing the strength of readiness to procure and provide services regarding industrial products in all 3 product groups under the concept of Industrial Equipment Solution Provider, accepting opportunities from mega projects. The public-private sector is investing in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and plans to build an engineering service center (Workshop) in Rayong Province to further expand services such as machine surface coating work. Sewing insulation covering machinery and equipment Including services for assembling and repairing equipment in water and liquid pumping systems and equipment in pipe systems. Supporting income growth

Miss Orasa Vimolchalao, CEO of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited or SE, a supplier and distributor providing complete services regarding pump systems. Process equipment and piping systems Including innovative materials, revealed that the company is ready to list its shares on the MAI Stock Exchange for the first time on February 14th. Using the abbreviation ‘SE’ in trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. After offering 60 million IPO shares with a par value of 0.50 baht per share to general investors, they subscribed on February 6-8 at a price of 2.45 baht per share, with investors giving their approval. Interested in subscribing to a large number of IPO shares

The company is in the business of sourcing and distributing products and providing complete engineering services and consulting in 3 product groups: product and pump system technology groups. Production and pipeline management product group and innovative material product groups Which is a consumable material that is used up under the concept of Industrial Equipment Solution Provider for sale to various types of industrial plants such as the petrochemical industry. oil and natural gas Automotive and parts Food and beverages, steel in the eastern region and expanding the market to industrial areas in other regions. With over 23 years of business experience, there are currently over 40 brands of products available for sale, totaling over 3,500 items.

As for the business expansion plan, the company plans to invest in the construction of an engineering service center in the office area of Rayong Province, a single-story building. There is a usable area of 1,750 square meters to expand machine surface coating services. Pipe system equipment Designing and sewing insulation covering machinery and equipment Including providing assembly and repair services for system equipment. Pumps for pumping water and liquids as well as equipment in the pipe system In order to enhance comprehensiveness and increase income from providing services to industrial factory groups. Support the demand for industrial products and the number of industrial factories in 2017 that are likely to increase. This is because confidence in the investment sector is likely to begin to recover. After the government rushed to disburse investment budgets to stimulate the economy. In addition, there is a policy to develop the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project in Chonburi Province. Rayong and Chachoengsao It is a strategic point in the ASEAN manufacturing sector that will stimulate investment. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for the company. To increase product sales and service income.

“We have a plan to expand our services to factory customers. Because our business does not compete only in the variety of products. But we still need to focus on pre- and after-sales services that meet the needs of customers who want to build new factories. Expand production line Maintenance of machinery or change new products to replace old ones that are deteriorated In order to provide services to customers that meet their needs. At the same time, we are also committed to finding innovative products with new and different technologies to create sustainable growth,” Ms. Orasa said.

Mr. Saengphet Tanta Atthipanich Managing Director of SE said that all 3 product groups of industrial products that the company Is a distributor and provides complete services, consisting of 1. Product and technology groups of pump systems for pumping water and liquids used in industrial plants, hotels, hospitals, high-rise buildings and government water projects. Which are divided into centrifugal pumps that are suitable for moving clear liquids with low viscosity. and positive displacement type pumps suitable for moving high viscosity liquids. 2. Production process management and piping system product group consists of equipment used in the production process. Equipment for mass exchange and related piping systems and equipment, and 3. Innovative material product group These are consumable materials that are used up in the production and maintenance processes, such as glue, sealants, coating materials. Products for occupational health and safety and surface coating and insulation sewing services. The company has quality and accuracy checks before delivering to customers.

In addition, the company has a team of engineers with experience and expertise in providing new innovative products. To help customers who want to solve problems or increase efficiency in the production process. Standard before and after sales service is available. At the same time, the head office is located in Rayong Province, which has the most industrial estates in the country. Therefore, it has good competitiveness and can effectively respond to the needs of customers in the area.

Mr. Ratchai Teerathanawat, Managing Director Investment Banking Department RHB Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited, as a financial advisor and underwriter, said that SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited has had sales and service income in the past 9 years. The first month of 2016 amounted to 314.14 million baht, an increase of 10.83% from the same period of 2015 with sales and service income of 283.45 million baht and a debt-to-equity ratio at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2016 of only 0.63 times.

– Source MT Multimedia.