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"Rubber gloves"
are items that can often be seen in this era.

Gloves, an item for health and protection for modern people amidst Covid-19. If you are a person who wears gloves Interested in preventing germs? If you care about cleanliness, you may have used gloves at some point, such as plastic gloves and rubber gloves. For example, nowadays when you go to a department store to buy things, you will see disposable plastic gloves placed for you to wear before going to buy things. To be safe from various germs and dirt, not just in our daily life. Also includes work Free time activities Whether for household cooking or medical use Therefore, you should get to know the many types of gloves and should choose gloves that are suitable for your own use.

Natural rubber gloves (Latex Gloves)
This type of glove is made from a special formula of latex. Made from fresh latex Which are divided into 2 main types: natural rubber medical gloves with powder and powder-free rubber gloves in the section of powdered medical rubber gloves. Its distinctive feature is flexibility, durability, not easily torn and also being tough. Durable enough to effectively protect against viruses. As for powder-free rubber gloves, The properties are not different.
Medical rubber gloves must emphasize the highest level of cleanliness. For example, when dressing a wound or performing surgery, sterilized rubber gloves will be used. Because it has been through a process of irradiating gamma light all over the glove and is stored in a sterile bag.
Nitrile Gloves

These types of gloves are also known as nitrile rubber gloves. These are gloves that are suitable for wearing when cooking. But the feature that makes this type of glove different from natural rubber is durability. It is therefore suitable for applications that require protection from oil or work that involves encountering chemicals that may irritate the skin on our hands. It is also an ideal option for those allergic to latex, which can cause a rash in areas where we wear gloves.

Rubber gloves for everyone(Halal Certified Gloves)

This type of glove is another consideration that everyone can actually use. Because it meets international production standards and is also certified by the Central Islamic Committee Office. So that Muslims can use gloves that they can be confident in because they have been certified and can be used in everyday life. Including cooking food hygienically as well.

New generation rubber gloves that care about the environment (Spectrum Gloves)
Good gloves are Sri Trang rubber gloves, haha! Good gloves must not only protect against germs and dirt. But you must consider the environment. The materials we design and produce When combined with latex, you will definitely get gloves that are good for the environment. This type of glove is in the category of powder-free rubber woven bags. It has been developed to make it comfortable for users to wear. Flexible and easy to carry Makes it convenient to work in a variety of ways.