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"Low Flow Rate"

Choosing a water pump suitable for use

Choose a water pump suitable for use
The problem of “light water flow” is probably a problem that many people have encountered. The fate of those who encounter problems with low water flow There should be quite a few. This problem usually occurs with houses, buildings, or places that have 2, 3 or more bathrooms, especially if it is a project house. When people turn it on at the same time, this can often happen. This is another reason why we must have a good water pump at home to help increase water pressure throughout the entire house. Choosing a pump is therefore an important matter to study. Whether it’s about the faucet connection point, water usage, water heater, bathroom, how long can a pump last? Because when you buy it you have to live with the thing you bought for many years. Is the maintenance cost, repair cost expensive? If there is a problem, will it be difficult to repair? Because of the water pump What is easy to install? But changing is difficult. The price is not cheap at all. SE therefore wants you to read it a little. To understand why we would like to recommend using a good quality water pump.
Things to prepare before buying a water pump
1. Area for pump installation

Preparing the area before purchasing a pump to install and determining the appropriate location are factors that we cannot overlook. Because it is an important part that makes the pump work well and also helps extend the life of the pump. Normally, it is chosen to be placed on a level surface. Under the eaves or with shade, no flooding or standing water. Install away from the wall because the water pump is an electrical appliance that generates heat. Therefore, it should be installed away from the wall or walls in order to have space for heat dissipation and also space for convenient maintenance. The important thing is that the water pump should not be installed near the bedroom. Because the water pump always works when water is used. The noise and vibration from the pump may cause us to not be able to sleep.

2. Water storage tank, water tank

Before installing the pump, there should be a water tank to store water. The correct way to connect is to connect the water pump from the pipe that comes out of the water tank, that is, always connect the water pipe that supplies water to the water tank first. Never connect the water pump directly to the water pipe. Because it would be against the law according to regulations to connect the pump directly from the water pipe without passing through the water tank for use only in your own home. It will result in neighbors also suffering from the reduced amount of water. For calculating the capacity of the tank, roughly it is number of people x 200 liters x day to get the amount of water used each day. (This is a rough calculation) For example, at home there are 3 people, you will have 3×200=600 liters, and if you have 2 days reserved for emergencies, you will have about 1,000 liters.
– If there are 1-2 people in the house, you should choose a 550 liter tank.
– If there are 3-4 people in the house, you should choose a 700 liter tank.
– If there are 4-5 people in the house, you should choose a 1,000 liter tank.
(reference DOSlife)

3. Features of water pumps

Today’s automatic water pumps are available in many brands, models, and different strengths. Some people misunderstand that a good pump should have high pressure and high wattage, which for some homes is more than necessary for homes with few water use points. Before purchasing, you may need to study information about pumps that are most suitable for our use. By thinking about the amount of use per day How many water use points are there in the house and outside the house? Opportunity to use them at the same time and height. Think from the location of the water pump and then take this information into consideration when choosing a pump.

4. Automatic water pressure adjustment function

Normally, there are two types of automatic pumps: pressure tank type and constant pressure pump, but both types have different advantages and disadvantages.
– Pressure type pump. The advantages are durable, cheap, spare parts easy to find (depending on the brand of pump). The disadvantage is uneven pressure. If we turn on water at many points at the same time The pump frequently cuts off work.
– Constant pressure type, the advantage is, as the name suggests, constant pressure, consistent water flow. Beautiful and modern style Suitable for using water at multiple points at the same time. Low noise. The disadvantage is that the pump will work hard. The machine will be very hot. Not suitable for outdoor installation, high price

If there is sufficient budget A constant pressure water pump with high specifications and good functions. and adjust the duty cycle of the motor according to use.

5. Pump material
Because the pump is a material that is mostly installed on the floor. And they are often exposed to sunlight, wind, and rain. If the material produced is not of good quality, it may cause problems with corrosion and leaking tanks. You should look for a model that is made from materials that are durable and do not rust for a long service life. that lasts longer and should choose a place that has good heat dissipation Extends the life of the motor and pump.
Quiet sound
The sound will occur every time the water is turned on. If the noise level is 50-60 decibels, this is not harmful to health. It may disturb the mental health of yourself and your neighbors. Try looking for an automatic water pump with an Inverter system that is besides quiet. Also saves on electricity costs.In addition, there are some small details that should be considered as well, such as ventilation fan System for detecting abnormalities in the operation of equipment Most importantly, if you don’t want to waste your money, you should pay attention to the TIS mark and the motor warranty. Another point that should not be overlooked as the first thing when choosing to buy something is the brand.  such as  Grundfos  etc.