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Henkel Owner of the well-known Loctite brand, partners with Porsche in the ABB FIA Formula E World championship. Championship, which is the only motorsport program  that uses all electrical energy

Building on its strength in performance and innovation, Loctite has become the official adhesive partner for the TAG Heuer Porsche Formula E Team, using a range of premium products. Including high performance epoxy adhesives, bonding compounds, gap fillers. Threadlocker (medium and high strength) structural adhesives, sealants and quick drying adhesives The use of these products ensures complete mechanical reliability for their primary use. which extends from the suspension bearings gearbox housing parts and power transmission bolts From everything to steering components, O-rings and cables, Porsche test stands for engines and gearboxes also benefit from high-performance Loctite solutions.

Thomas Londenbach, Vice President, Porsche Motorsport. Say with confidence in Loctite products that

“To succeed at the highest level of competition in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, we need a strong partner who shares our commitment and vision for the future of motorsport. We are delighted to welcome Henkel as our strong trusted partner. Loctite’s philosophy and core products stand for innovation and sustainability. They are the perfect match for Porsche.”

Siam Eats Solutions Public Company Limited is confident in the products under the Loctite brand and has therefore entered into a contract to be a legal distributor. We would like all customers to be confident that the products they receive are truly products manufactured by Henkel. They are trustworthy and 100% genuine Loctite.

– Source Henkel