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Operational results for the 6-month period ending June 30, 2022. SE Company reported operating results. Revenue grew 24.90to a total income of 273.40 million baht by all groups. Types of products distributed Have higher income Pump system product and technology group increased 11.37%, value 51.81 million baht. Process management and piping system product group increased 13.13%, value 83.39 million baht. Innovative materials product group increased 80.35%, value 100.87 million baht. Service product group increased 99.43%. Value 35.30 million baht

Share of profits (losses) from investments in associated companies, Utility Business Alliance Public Company Limited, the leader in new concepts in integrated water and environmental pollution management, added Up 46.26% in value  12.33 million baht and in the share of profits (losses) belonging to the parent company increased 187% YoY, worth 27.53 million baht.

Income and profits are extremely satisfactory. Growing up along with the industrial business that is recovering After the Covid situation started to get better.