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Khun Orasa Vimonchalao, CEO of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited and Mr. Kirk Leekasem, Deputy CEO SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited
Jointly signed an agreement with Mr. Asada Thepyot, Chief Officer. Management of Quality Plus BiomedTech Company Limited, Dr. Worachot Karanyasophon, Chief Medical Officer, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mangkorn Rojprapakorn, Chief Research and Development Officer and Asst. Prof. Dr. Kritsada Tanpao consults with the Chief Business Development OfficerQuality Plus BiomedTech Company Limited Joined by “Pop” Thakoon Karnthip, a famous young actor. Join in signing an agreement with To develop innovative health food supplements from cannabis.

On August 29, Asada Thepyot, CEO of Quality Plus BiomedTech Company Limited, said that our company is ready to be a leader in the development of innovative food supplements with natural extracts. With a team of doctors and a team of expert researchers The product will be of type nutraceutical which is natural food that does not accumulate in the body or cause negative effects on the body later In addition, at present, cannabis is of interest to all sectors. and involved in matters of health care Because cannabis has had medical properties since ancient times. This helps promote health care in many aspects. Quality Plus BiomedTech Company Limited has reached an agreement with SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited to cooperate and develop dietary supplements to develop success and efficiency. Maximum

“Pop” Thakur Karnthip revealed that he is interested in doing business. Therefore, we have tried using products that contain marijuana. And found a change in the balance of the body for the better Therefore, he consulted with Dr. Worachot Karanyasophon, which led to the beginning of Yama Shot Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Complex because he had insomnia. Not enough rest Accumulated stress results in poor sleep. After taking it, you can feel the change. And when they found out that the product contained marijuana, they became more interested than ever. Because it is a revolution in the dietary supplement industry where the cannabis plant was previously an illegal drug. But now the cannabis plant has been unlocked and is no longer considered a drug. It is also a hot new trend in the medical and dietary supplement circles. The product Yama Shot Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Complex has properties that help you relax and sleep soundly. Therefore, I want people who suffer frominsomnia problems not able to sleep well. or not getting enough rest Like yourself or someone close to you, try it out.

“Such cooperation will give Quality Plus BiomedTech Company Limited access to production resources. Information and research related to cannabis and hemp causing the development of various innovations which will be beneficial to the health and beauty industry in the future and be assured that we will be successful and be able to produce quality products together with Quality Plus BiomedTech Co., Ltd. for sure,” said Orasa Wimolchalao, Chief Executive Officer of SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited.

– Source Matichon Online