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Loose nuts Commonly encountered problems

Loose nut problem. That many people have encountered and are still continually looking for solutions to, right? Small parts that make a tool or device complete. Therefore, you should also pay attention to small things called knots. Because if you don’t have this small piece, it will make the work of assembling the tool or equipment incomplete as well, such as an engine if the nuts are not fully assembled. Or not tightening the nuts tightly, loose nuts will cause various problems and making the nuts tight If there is no loosening, it will cause stability in the work. Therefore, the nut is very important. If the nuts that we tighten loosen or the nut threads come loose on a large machine, it may cause many problems, from a small point to a big problem. Therefore, let’s turn our attention to small pieces of equipment before losing big ones.

Tightening nuts, no matter what tools or equipment you use. It will greatly affect the use of that equipment. For example, when repairing machinery in an industrial factory, it is necessary to regularly survey it because the nut part tends to have problems before other points. It can be caused by the vibration of the machinery being operated or the type of machinery being used. If the little nut that holds the tool Fasten the device together Loosening will cause instability of the machine and may also cause damage to the machine. Not including the damage that may be widespread. Nuts loosening or nuts coming loose can also happen at any time. Thus solving the problem of loose nuts. The nut can be loosened in  2 ways, let’s see.

Solve the problem of loose nuts, loosen nuts by using washers. The nut washers are also separated intoflat washersandspring washers

The appearance of the flat ring is a smooth ring with a smooth surface. Most often it is placed under the head of the nut and the head of the nut ends at the end, but it does not help solve the problem of the nut loosening. The nut is loose in any way. The advantage of flat washers is that they preserve the surface of the nut head and the surface of the material to which we are fastening. The disadvantage is that the flat ring will not lock tightly enough, which is one reason why the nut will eventually loosen and fall off.

Characteristics of spring rings. It’s a nut head washer that most people don’t see much of. It looks like it’s torn or cut. Some mechanics may not wear spring rings, just use flat rings. Actually, we should pay more attention to this type of ring because it will make the nut tighter. The advantage of this spring ring is that it has good retaining properties. Doesn’t cause the nut to loosen backwards. Its disadvantage is that Does not prevent scratches on the surface of bolt heads and attached materials.

But what if it’s a big machine that has a lot of vibration? That alone would not be enough to prevent the loosening of the nut that could cause problems in the operation of the machine or other accidents that would follow. Therefore, Threadlocker< was invented. /strong>Come up and use it. Thread locking liquid can be divided into many grades and depends on the job site which type should be used.

Another way that doesn’t use washers is to use thread locking fluid from Loctite that’s it