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Stock Dimension – SE by “Krirk Leekasem” Deputy CEO revealed that it is expected that the second half of 2022 will continue to grow into the high season and is confident that this year’s income will grow according to the target of 15-20. % from more than 400 customers, both domestic and international.

Show backlog exceeding 200 million baht

In addition, there is also a full year’s revenue recognition from KESSEL, which sells pipes with special properties for use in large factories, which has a continuously growing profit. There is also a backlog of approximately 231.23 million baht, of which approximately 185.59 million baht will be gradually realized this year, along with a plan to bring in a joint company with “UBA”, a wastewater treatment business in the area. Bangkok was listed on the Stock Exchange Q4/65, beginning of 2023.

“Profit expected to grow 2 times Knock on target. 2.25 baht.”

Analysts estimate that SE’s 2022 profits have a surprise chance of growing by more than 2 times, or around 60-70 million baht, from last year’s net profit of around 34.87 million baht, equivalent to EPS around 0.15, making the PE value About 8 times remaining. If we were to evaluate PE 15, the price should stand at 2.25 baht.