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On October 15, 2022
SiamEast Solutions Public Company Limited signed a joint business agreement with Henkel (Thailand) Company Limited Leader in innovation and technology. In three business groups: Adhesive Technology Business, Beauty Care Business, Laundry Products Business and Household Products Business, which for the past 25 years, Siam East has operated business together with Henkel. To distribute innovative adhesives used in industrial plants. Under the brand LOCTITE® The world’s number one adhesive product. That helps increase the efficiency of machines in the production process, so we are confident in both Henkel’s business operations. and product quality
Business sectors and industries are transitioning towards a sustainable future. Consumers tend to be more environmentally conscious. Siam East has a strategy for operating its business under the ESG concept, taking into account 3 main areas of responsibility: environment, society, and governance in order to promote a better, sustainable environment, and Henkel produces packaging adhesives. Coating agent Packaging tape which has innovation and technology used in production that is environmentally friendly Can be biodegraded Can be recycled and reused Create good standards for the packaging industry around the world and Thailand as well
For the packaging market in Thailand The Thai Printing Association revealed that the printing and packaging service business in 2021 had a total market value of approximately 140,000 – 150,000 million baht, growing 5% compared to 2020, and it is expected that the market value will continue to increase. Because the Circular Economy trend continues to grow
This is the perfect time. For the cooperation of 2 companies, Siam East and Henkel that has the same goal of creating a sustainable environment and creates a value chain in the industrial group and every consumer
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