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The difference between the colors of threadlocker, red, blue, green and purple

Someone may wonder what color threadlocker to use. How to use it for what type of work? As for the differences between the colors, SE has answered many questions from our customers to tell them about the differences in colors and the types that need to be used to match the color of the glue. LOCTITE® Threadlockers come in many grades, colors and are coded to help you differentiate between the right adhesives for the right application. But the color of all glue bottles is red because it is a trademark of LOCTITE®, which is different in packaging from other brands of threadlocker.

Red Threadlocker

For red glue, it is the strongest. It is considered to be the highest of threadlocking adhesives. This red locking glue hardens in 24 hours and is available in both liquid and semi-solid forms. If you want to fix the work or remove the nuts that we fixed with the red glue here. Heat is required to remove it because the strength of the adhesive makes it impossible to use normal nut removal tools.

Blue Threadlocker

For blue glue Strength will be at a medium level. It will harden within 24 hours and the nuts that we use this colored glue can be removed with tools. In addition to being available in liquid and semi-solid state, there is also LOCTITE® 249 Threadlocker. which is the only one in the world Blue threadlocker that does not use surface preparation.

Green Threadlocker

This green threadlocker is recommended for use with screw assembly fasteners. Strength will be medium to high. The glue hardens within 24 hours and can be removed with tools or heat.

Purple Threadlocker

Also known as LOCTITE®222, it is one of Loctite’s most successful adhesives. Its ability to be used on low-strength metals such as Aluminum, Brass It can also be used very flexibly.

All Threadlockers

LOCTITE® all threadlockers have a wide temperature resistance range from -65 ° F to 300 ° F, with some reaching as high as 650 ° F. Threadlockers are LOCTITE®’s first product line. Complex chemistry and engineering Simply put, This product is an anaerobic adhesive that cures and is applied by dripping onto the threads of the fastener. The thermoset plastic is then set to have a hard texture that locks the screw threads together. The product is to be used only for metal-to-metal applications. [ Cr.henkel]