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solar rooftop

At present, solar cells are being installed to produce electricity for use within companies, factories, department stores, or even homes. It can be done easily. And it can also help reduce the cost of electricity. In the business sector, it can be said that it is a great way to reduce electricity costs. In addition to helping with electricity costs. It also helps preserve the environment.
However. Many people, whether in the household sector The business sector still needs to understand solar. It causes many doubts, so they still don’t dare to use it. Because they are still not sure of the worthiness of the investment in installing it, or some homes, some organizations decide to use it but choose service providers who do not have the expertise to do it for them. until causing long-term negative effects If there is a problem or the efficiency in producing electricity is not as desired, because a solar rooftop is not just about putting panels on the roof and exposing it to the sun, you will have electricity immediately. But the system must be designed and installed in a systematic way to suit that area in order to be able to use it with maximum efficiency and without long-term problems.

For this article, SE as a service provider of various solutions to the industrial factory business. I will introduce things that entrepreneurs who want to install solar cells should know about preparation before installation. What factors are there that we should know? should be taken into consideration To meet the needs of our business and provide basic understanding before deciding to install a solar system. Next cell

1.Get to know each other first

You should study and find basic information such as installing solar cells, solar panels, and how the system works. What equipment is required? Is there enough space for installing the equipment?

2. Calculate the amount of electricity used in the home.

This is the first thing that must be thought of before installing solar cells, which is to see how much electricity the company or factory or location that wants to install has a lot of electricity usage. By calculating electricity usage for the past at least 6 months and observing the behavior of electricity usage to see if it is likely to increase or remain the same as before deciding to install. This has to do with choosing a solar panel. Cells with a production capacity that is large enough to use as well.

3. Choose a solar installation company Cell

In this era, enter Google No matter how you search, you will find it. But how can we be confident or know that the company we have chosen has experience? Really skilled This one must be very careful. Because it will have long-term negative effects on us. You should find information about the equipment that the company uses. Is it up to standard? Is the service good? What is the after-sale like? To take care of the equipment and the performance of the solar cells for us continuously throughout their service life.

4. Installation location

After preliminary calculation of electricity. Next is the area, location that will be installed as follows.
• The installation location must have an engineer responsible for checking the structure for strength and safety. It should not be installed directly on the roof because the roof may not be able to support the weight of the solar panels.
• The direction of the building to be installed is an important factor This is because the solar panels are installed in full sunlight and do not encounter shadows, which will affect the power production as they should.

5. Apply for permission to install and submit documents

When you have done everything according to the 4 points above. Must request permission to install solar panels Cell at the electricity authority in our area To connect to the electricity produced from the solar panels. Cell with the Electricity Authority and submit an application for selling electricity according to the next steps. This process may take approximately 30 days. Normally, if hiringCompany that provides solar panel installation services cells There will also be a service for permission to install. To increase comfort

Last and not least is “How to use and maintain”
The lifespan of solar usage. Cells normally last at least 20 years, depending on how they are maintained and used. After it has already been installed The installation service provider must teach you how to use it and basic care. carefully the leaves Dirt that may be stuck on the solar panel, which can affect light exposure. and should be checked regularly according to the schedule To prevent problems that annoy us as well. All of the above will help extend the lifespan until the investment is returned to us.

Solar system Cells are considered a new and clean energy alternative for businesses and households that use relatively high levels of electricity. Helps save on electricity costs for the residence. Reduce costs for the business sector.