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Electricity, a relatively high main cost of every business, is an important factor in production. running machinery Linked to various processes and systems within the building, such as the air conditioning system. lighting system All of them must use electricity.
Currently, “solar cells” serve as a great help to entrepreneurs. To reduce monthly electricity costs which the government sector supports along with various banks It also provides loan services related to solar installation investments. Including the awareness of every business. Until it became a trend that has business practices to promote the environment and sustainability.
‘Siam East’ therefore takes the opportunity to be in the trend. is a solution provider that is worthwhile for every entrepreneur So I want to invite everyone. Come check the readiness of factories and buildings before installing solar. Starting with safety, which ‘Siam East’ gives top priority.

The building structure must be strong. wooden buildings It is more than 10 years old and should be inspected by a structural engineer first.

The electrical system must support Older buildings may have electrical systems and wiring that are beginning to deteriorate. Before installing, consider improving the electrical system to be able to support the planned amount of installed power from the solar panels.

The roof must be strong. Solar panels weigh approximately 22 kilograms/sheet and have a size of 1×2 meters. Therefore, a suitable roof should be able to support a weight of 50 kilograms/square meter.

The roof must not have problems with leaks, cracks, peeling, or damage. It should be repaired or replaced first.

Electricity is mainly used during the daytime, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The roof has open space. There are no shadows from nearby buildings or shadows from trees. Choose to install south Because it will receive sunlight all day long. The roof should be tilted no more than 20 degrees.
Finally, investment should be considered. to suit your business

Investment style

  1. The solar roof service provider will be the investor (PPA: Power Purchase Agreement).
    Choose a service provider Make a long-term power purchase contract of 10-15 years. The lifespan of the panels is up to 25 years at a rate lower than that of the Electricity Authority. But investment usually requires a minimum electricity usage of around 60,000 units per month. Therefore suitable for large businesses, manufacturing plants.
  2. The business owner makes the investment himself (EPC: Engineering, procurement and construction)
    Select an EPC contractor to design, install, deliver the completed project, and maintain any defects or problems. that occur during the warranty period The payback period is 3-7 years. The lifespan of the panels is up to 25 years.

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