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Orihara "Magicawarp" Online Pipe Repair


Products & Solutions

– Leak occurring in section of pipe where pressure can not be tuned off.
– Leak at joint of pipes.
– Another leak from the previously repaired portion where clamps have used.
– Reinforce new installation in area of potential leak.
– Prevent further corrosion by repairing corroded area.
– General repair of leaking pipes such as hot water supply, gas, oil chemical and air, etc.

– Repair is possible without closing vale, with cost reduced.
– Repair work is simple, easy and quick.
– Special equipment or technology is not required.
– No need to change and replace the pipe because of crack or corrosion.
– Highly resistant to rust and corrosion.
– Once the repair is fully cured, it prevents further leak or corrosion for a long time.