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Wastewater treatment system

Wastewater Treatment System

The product line for treating Grundfos wastewater has been meticulously designed to cover the treatment of all types of wastewater. It efficiently manages fibers, debris, organic particles, and solids through pumps or pump systems that can be installed in both dry and wet locations. The system comprises:

– Sewage influent
– Effluent discharge
– Wastewater
– Effluent distribution

There are several models of pumps available, made from different materials such as cast iron and stainless steel. The choice of material depends largely on the nature of the wastewater and the environmental conditions in which the pump operates. In cases where debris or metal particles are encountered, pumps can be installed with grinder plates.

Grundfos wastewater system experts are always available to provide valuable insights into pump and system knowledge. Whether it’s additional grinder pumps or other utility-related applications, Grundfos offers a comprehensive range of products.

Grundfos offers a complete range of pump products that are ATEX certified.


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