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Industrial Heating

Industrial Heating

With the capability to handle temperatures up to 240°C, Grundfos centrifugal pumps are well-suited for all applications where cooling is a crucial part of the process.

Standard single-stage and multi-stage centrifugal pumps can circulate fluids at temperatures up to 120°C. High fluid temperatures must be managed carefully to avoid overheating of seals while significantly reducing downtime and costs. For this specific challenge, Grundfos offers air-cooled pumps with special shaft seals for handling very hot water (180°C) and hot oil (240°C). All hot water pumps can be installed with frequency converters to ensure reliable temperature control during sterilization processes.


High-Temperature Applications: It is crucial to carefully consider the type of rubber used for specialized applications. This is especially important if oil is part of the process, as certain types of rubber may melt in the presence of oil.
Pumping Different Oils: If you need to pump different types of oils, be cautious about selecting the appropriate motor size, as changes in fluid viscosity due to temperature variations can affect performance.
– Pumping Hot Water: Low atmospheric pressure can pose challenges when pumping hot water, increasing the risk of cavitation in the pump.

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